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Bodybuilding supplements – which are useless

There are a lot of useless bodybuilding supplements. The kind whose only role is to empty your wallet and give you almost nothing in return. Be it minimal effects, or not even that, just your regular ol’ snake oil.

Let’s go through a list of which products to avoid.

Bodybuilding supplements

Testosterone boosters

Be it lone compounds like d-aspartic acid, or any other product blend that contains extracts of exotic plants or their roots. They just don’t work.

The only thing you will achieve with using them is wasting your hard earned money.

If you want to increase your testosterone levels you should focus on proven and verified methods.

bodybulding supplements
Don’t buy shit like this

That means getting enough of sleep, proper diet and supplementing with vitamins and minerals which are backed up by studies to increase testosterone levels.

Verdict: As far as bodybuilding supplements go these are useless. You’re just throwing away your money.


Aside from tasting good, any being in neon colors they’re usually way overpriced for what you get. Usually a bunch of ingredients that are worth less than the sum of its parts.

I’m not against using pre-workouts, since there are days where you need that extra kick. So what am I saying? Just make your own pre-workout.

Verdict: Store bought pre-workouts are generally part of useless bodybuilding supplements. You might find a gem, but chances are it will get banned.

That’s what happened with some of the best ones (Jack3d, DS Craze,..). Turns out, if it’s full of illegal stimulants, you get an extra kick. Who knew. 

Verdict: Make your own, or just drink some coffee if you can’t be bothered.


I wrote a whole article on the “usefulness” of BCAA. At the end of the day, they’re nowhere near worth the money regardless of what the companies want to sell you. With the help of sponsored drugged out bodybuilders of course.

Verdict: BCAA are worthless. 

Weight gainers

It’s just a canister or a bag full of sugar. Just look at the nutrition value on the container, and you will see it’s mostly empty calories.

There are way more healthier (peanut butter) and cheaper (honey) options to choose from if you need the calories for muscle growth. There is literally no need for you to buy or use this.

Verdict: Not needed – useless

Protein powder

While you may argue the need of using protein powders, their effect is undeniable. No, not by magic, but making it easier to hit your daily protein goals.

In my opinion protein powder isn’t needed, If you have a proper diet. But life is life, and protein powder makes it a lot easier to hit your goals. 

Juggling work, two children and certain other obligations, protein powder comes quite handy sometimes for me.

Verdict: It’s not necessary, but it has its uses.


Well unless you have a very varied diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruit, I would recommend you buy a good supplement. Hell even if you do, I would still recommend it, since active people have a need for a higher intake.

I myself use a multivitamin from Now Foods. They have a long track record of quality products. If you choose another company, just take care you get capsules instead of tablets, due to better absorption.

Verdict: Recommended.

Omega 3

I’m not going deep into details, since I already wrote an article of the benefits of omega 3. It improves health markers, lowers inflammation, can help with fat loss,…

Unless you’re regularly eating wild salmon or high priced grass fed beef, you can do yourself a favor and pick these up.

Things you should look for when buying omega 3 is the container. It should be dark, as in non see through. That and that it contains vitamin E.

Both are to prevent oxidation, as vitamin E is an antioxidant. The dark container on the other hand prevents oxidation from light.

Verdict: Recommended


I’m planning to write a whole article dedicated to creatine, so I’ll keep it short. One of the most studied bodybuilding supplement there is. There are hundred of studies that confirm its effectiveness.

The problem with it is, that It’s not sexy. As funny as it sounds it is what it is. It’s not new, it’s not revolutionary. It can’t be marketed and sold with a high mark up price. It’s cheap and efficient.

Verdict: Recommended

Bodybuilding supplements – round up

You can literally count the useful bodybuilding supplements on one hand. Everything else is designed and made just to take your money, with zero results or effects.

I myself use only protein powder, creatine and a multi. Everything else is truly unnecessary and a waste of money and time.

Stay strong and healthy, until next time.

Author: Ivan Vlahinić

I am not a scientist. But i don’t have to be a scientist to be able to deftly use the scientific method in your daily life. In fact, you can be one helluva ‘thinker’ (in the scientific sense) and not be a scientist. For instance, nutritionists and personal trainers like me, who use and embrace science and the scientific method are better trainers because of it. Why? Because rather than just being a parrot and telling my clients what to do, because that’s what I have been told when I was younger I understand the "why" of my advice. And if I dont? Then I fully admit that i don't, and that's fine. The more you learn in the field of fitness and nutrition, the more you realize there is a lot of stuff that you dont know. But this is something that is true of all fields of work or life. The scientific method is the single most powerful way of thinking, that's why I embrace it. Anecdotes are nice, but data and facts trumps anecdotes.

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