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How to become a personal trainer these days

The bodybuilding and fitness industry is currently being taken over by social media obsession. Actually, the whole world is, but we will stick to the theme of the fitness industry and being or should I say becoming a personal trainer.

With the help of Facebook and Instagram, you can pretty much create a version of yourself that is anything but accurate, realistic, honest, respectable, reputable. You can present yourself to be whatever you want to be.

You only need balls and audacity to dive face-first into a career or a side hustle job, that you probably have no business being involved in. With a “proper” attitude you can trick the naive, inexperienced, gullible novices, and maybe some other veterans who are clueless.

Personal trainer
The shirt is the only qualification you need.

How to become a personal trainer in a hurry?

Forget investing money in a license to get educated and certified so you actually have a clue about what you’re talking about.

That’s not needed, you can start by reading as much as you can from various reputable sources. The keyword here is reputable. But in the current day and age it’s more popular to use non-reputable sources (something I don’t recommend and along the lines of  “YouTube Celebrities”).

If you’re too lazy or uninterested to do some initial leg work on your own, you can hire a fitness trainer with a bigger name and solid reputation. Even an average fitness trainer will do.

Have this person get you in shape in multiple phases, off-season, diet to get lean, contest prep, maintenance, etc. Extract as many plans and protocols as possible, be tenacious in your question asking and keep a record.

Then on to the personal trainer – rinse and repeat.

You can do this routine a number of times and try to suck out as much information as possible.

Inevitably you will have some great starting tools to front with.

Now you need to be tactical and publicly lay low for perhaps 6-12 months while you keep collecting information and sponging up data.

You can recycle and re-word Facebook posts of credible people to then post on your own status to build up “likes” and “Amen Brother’s”. Go get yourself some head nods from friends and followers.

You will then drop progress pictures of your personal results from the people’s protocols you’ve hired. As for the trainer whose program you’re following and who is assisting you – he doesn’t need that shoutout. You achieved this transformation!

To your followers, It looks way more credible if you’re handling your own transformation. You’re the man who’s steering the ship!

Like I said you should wait 6-12 months before truly going all out in public and posting you’re a personal trainer on your social media. While you’re still getting in shape share some of your trainer’s information with your followers – just like it’s yours.

Realistically when most of the time (80% give or take) people follow instructions, they will yield results. Quite good results actually. Now add in higher levels of hormones, thermogenic aids, and other PED’s and you will have an impressive physique. All of this will mask diets that are not tailored and unoptimized training routines.

The “Band-Aid Effect”

Since I brought up performance-enhancing agents (steroids, growth hormones, insulin, thermogenic, etc…) we may as well dissect just how crucial of a component they are for an “Insta-Personal trainer” to prevail and oftentimes EXPLODE onto the internet scene.

Where am I going with this? Drugs can mask, band-aid, cover-up, and override bullshit nutrition plans, cardio regimens, training styles, and mediocre genetics.

This unfortunately even falls back on the initial sought after, reputable personal trainer’s the Insta-trainers hired. As some of these bigger name coaches push the envelope on the chemical aspect as well.

I mean an active IFBB pro or a past IFBB pro that looked great and has been around for years if not decades is pretty much locked into his methods, regardless of how asinine they are.

So now you also have a number of chemical protocols available, and chances are you also have good chemical sources to help your clients with. Don’t mention this part to your followers! Just the usual, WORK HARD, NEVER GIVE UP, etc.

At this point, you can start turning out newbie after newbie with stellar results. Pictures are infiltrating the internet, your regurgitated posts are becoming more frequent, maybe you’re adding some of your own input here and there and the resume is building.

The Deal Clincher

So you’ve been turning out people left and right with your basic fish, rice, and asparagus diets, a weekly “refeed” or cheat meal, and of course T3, Clenbuterol, GH, and Tren to name a few helpers.

Now you start getting very friendly and cordial with upcoming or even established people that have outstanding potential. Friendly direct messages, chumming it up, offering some tips, trying to build a rapport with them before you insist on FREE HELP.

Yes, you must lend your “expertise” to this genetic stand out that perhaps has been misguided or on their own. You must “woo them” into your guidance and give them unsurpassed attention (even though they are freebies.)

If this amazing specimen hasn’t touched higher doses of anabolics, has never touched legitimate growth hormone, and is a broke ass, you will capitalize on this opportunity. Usually supplying this person with legit products at low cost or even free.

You are now using all the gems you collected from others and are morphing this genetic anomaly into a potential star. Pictures are being posted, then shared, then tons of comments are being built up.

Perhaps you even ask the athlete to kick you a bone and always hashtag your “team” name or logo to their own posts to reveal to the masses who supplied them, I mean who made them into their current physique.

I could go on and on, but I think you somewhat got the picture behind the scenes.

My Take On It

My personal issue with this expedited Insta-Personal trainer process is the following. These people have not truly mastered their own body with NO drugs, or minimal chemical assistance. They aren’t a student of the game. They usually have lacking knowledge on nutrition, training, and everything else that comes with it.

I won’t go into nutrition, but just a basic example when it comes to training.

You can’t train someone who has an athletic background the same as someone who never played sports as they’re lacking the finer motor skills. You need to first help them learn to move their own body etc.

Honestly. How could these so-called coaches develop a true understanding of strategic nutrition and training when they are in their early 20’s, hired several people, and their first hormone cycle was more than a gram of combined hormones. Not to mention the rest of the chemicals in their veins.

Investigate the person’s past posts – dig back a few years and find out if they had a forum handle, search their older posts, search their older pictures, etc… You might scratch your head when you reveal that just 1 or 2 years ago that personal trainer that you have been following with outstanding client pictures might have been asking some pretty novice, basicdumb ass questions. The Insta-personal trainer hustledhired, and chummed it up to be something they probably really are not – a qualified person.

Welcome to the new era. The era of the insta personal trainer.

Author: Ivan Vlahinić

I am not a scientist. But i don’t have to be a scientist to be able to deftly use the scientific method in your daily life. In fact, you can be one helluva ‘thinker’ (in the scientific sense) and not be a scientist. For instance, nutritionists and personal trainers like me, who use and embrace science and the scientific method are better trainers because of it. Why? Because rather than just being a parrot and telling my clients what to do, because that’s what I have been told when I was younger I understand the "why" of my advice. And if I dont? Then I fully admit that i don't, and that's fine. The more you learn in the field of fitness and nutrition, the more you realize there is a lot of stuff that you dont know. But this is something that is true of all fields of work or life. The scientific method is the single most powerful way of thinking, that's why I embrace it. Anecdotes are nice, but data and facts trumps anecdotes.

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