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Spicy peanut butter with chicken

After years of eating chicken breast, I got sick of it. It’s bland, it’s dry, sure it has protein but if you’re not enjoying your food, it kinda misses the point. I mean there is a reason they try to make protein shakes delicious, if they tasted like ass, you wouldn’t drink them unless you were a competitor and REALLY needed it. So I was thinking about how to make chicken breast keto style. I wanted to add quality good fats, not just douse it in butter or coconut oil. And after some thought, I decided to try with peanut butter.

Now I know some of you will be asking. Is peanut butter good for you? Yes. Yes, it is! It’s a gift of nature, trust me on this.


  • chicken breast
  • peanut butter
  • spices


Enter peanut butter. Now I recommend you get some natural unprocessed peanut butter, without added sugar so it doesn’t overpower the taste. I personally use the Myprotein one. It has a nice texture, no additives like sugar or palm oil, and you can usually get it around 20-30% off.

is peanut butter good for you
I could eat this by the buckets and I do

Now, that we’re done with the sales pitch, let’s move on to the next important thing. The spices we need for the sauce or gravy.


What makes the difference and makes this sauce so delicious, are the spices. You’ll want the following things, and yes you can use them in powder form.

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Black pepper
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Water

You put as much of the peanut butter you want to eat in a bowl and slowly add water. If you want it to be more gravy-like add more water, if not add less. 

You add the additional spices and lemon juice and you start mixing with a spoon until you get a nice consistency where there are no lumps. If you keep your PB in the fridge, you can add warm water to speed up the process.

But all in all, it shouldn’t take long regardless.


I will admit that I cheated a little. I also grated some cheese on top and let it melt. Don’t judge me, It was delicious.

Healthy, nutritious, and delicious

The spicy peanut butter sauce is a quick and easy recipe, on top of it, it’s delicious and versatile. Try it and thank me later!


Author: Ivan Vlahinić

I am not a scientist. But i don’t have to be a scientist to be able to deftly use the scientific method in your daily life. In fact, you can be one helluva ‘thinker’ (in the scientific sense) and not be a scientist. For instance, nutritionists and personal trainers like me, who use and embrace science and the scientific method are better trainers because of it. Why? Because rather than just being a parrot and telling my clients what to do, because that’s what I have been told when I was younger I understand the "why" of my advice. And if I dont? Then I fully admit that i don't, and that's fine. The more you learn in the field of fitness and nutrition, the more you realize there is a lot of stuff that you dont know. But this is something that is true of all fields of work or life. The scientific method is the single most powerful way of thinking, that's why I embrace it. Anecdotes are nice, but data and facts trumps anecdotes.

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